A Family Dentist Explains How to Brush Teeth Properly

A family dentist will be the first to tell you how a little thing like brushing your teeth can save you from dental problems in the future. Good oral habits that start in childhood can save you from future procedures in the dentist's chair, which translates into a happier wallet. Brushing your teeth three times a day with the right technique is the most important part of a good oral health routine.

Sadly, some people do not brush their teeth the way that dentists recommend and are surprised when they develop problems like cavities and tartar.

The tooth surfaces that a family dentist says you should focus on

Each tooth has five surfaces that need to be kept clean. The easiest surface to reach is the one that faces outward, toward the inner cheeks or inner lips. Next, comes the surface that faces the tongue. Then there is the chewing or biting surface. The last two surfaces are the ones that face neighboring teeth, and these are the hardest to reach and clean.

Also, it is worth noting that the back teeth are harder to reach compared to the front teeth. If a person is not careful, plaque will accumulate at the base and the ridged chewing surfaces of the molars.

Things to remember when brushing the teeth

Before listing the steps, people should remember to take at least two minutes to brush their teeth. They should also take care to gently scrub the base of each tooth because that is where plaque likes to hang out.

They should also remember to gently clean the gums and the tongue. Lastly, they should use a toothbrush that is neither too stiff nor too floppy. The toothbrush should be small enough to target those hard-to-reach spots. If a person can get their hands on a good electric toothbrush, they should use that.

A family dentist's guide to brushing teeth, in simple steps

There is a correct way of brushing teeth in order to reach every surface in every corner of the mouth. Here is a list of the steps:

  • Rinse the toothbrush and put toothpaste on it
  • Brush the front surface of the teeth, starting with the biting teeth and working toward the molars
  • Brush the inner surface of the teeth, starting with the biting teeth and working toward the molars
  • Clean the biting surface of the molars
  • Gently brush the gums and the tongue

A person should always remember to target the base of the teeth. They should also floss at least once to better reach the sides of teeth. Lastly, they should take extra time with their molars simply because they are harder to reach.

Brushing our teeth is an important part of keeping our mouths healthy

It may sound cliché, but a good number of the best things in life are free. Although it only costs us a few minutes to brush our teeth three times a day, we reap many benefits. We get to enjoy brilliant smiles and teeth that are free from pain and decay. Brushing our teeth should be second nature and a habit that we teach to children at a young age.

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