Why You Should Consider a CPAP Alternative

CPAP AlternativeIn our Brevard dental office, we can provide you with a CPAP alternative to wear at night. Our solution can help you breathe freely so you wake up feeling refreshed and energized, rather than sluggish and tired. We know sleep apnea impacts millions of people. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this is the reason they live in a constant state of fatigue. When they find out, the typical solution is to use a CPAP machine.

The problem is that a CPAP machine is large and bulky, makes noise, and can make it uncomfortable to sleep at night. It can also impact the quality of sleep your spouse gets while sleeping next to you. As a result, many people simply give up within the first couple of weeks and refuse to use it. If you are in this situation or know someone who is, we encourage you to visit our dental office to discuss a CPAP alternative.

Here is how it works:

If a patient has obstructive sleep apnea, it is typically due to the lower jaw falling backward at night and the tongue with it. When the tongue blocks the airway, it can make a person choke, snore, or gasp for breath while sleeping. As a result, not enough oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the body remains in a constant state of fatigue. Fortunately, since this type of sleep apnea is caused by an obstruction, removing that obstruction can help the patient breathe freely and get the necessary oxygen.

Our CPAP alternative is a small oral appliance worn at night. We make an impression of the patient's mouth and take measurements so that we can create the oral appliance in the lab. The appliance will fit snuggly and securely on the patient's teeth. The appliance looks like a retainer but it keeps the lower jaw and tongue in the forward position while the patient sleeps. It is a simple concept that is incredibly effective. By simply preventing the jaw from falling backward, the level of oxygen one receives will go up.

The benefits

There are many benefits to our CPAP alternative, including:

Being discreet. Since the oral appliance is small, patients can keep it in their pocket or on a bedside table and put it in their mouth when going to bed.

Being easy to use. There are no machines to hook up or turn on. Patients simply wear the device at night on a regular basis.

Ability to travel. A CPAP machine is bulky and has to be its own carry-on. That is not the case with an oral appliance. All one needs to do is put the oral appliance in a small case and toss it into the bag.

Being comfortable. Our CPAP alternative does not come with tubes, so there is nothing protruding from your mouth that could interrupt your sleep or cause you discomfort.

To learn more about our innovative and effective solution, call our office at (828) 974-3326 and schedule an examination.

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