Dental Restoration: Implant Versus Bridge for Single Tooth Replacement

Dental Restoration Brevard, NC

There are various reasons why a dental restoration may be necessary. A procedure could repair a damaged tooth or replace a missing one. Such treatment will restore your smile and help you enjoy the full use of your mouth once again. If you have lost a permanent tooth, your dentist may recommend an implant or a bridge to fill in that missing space. It is important to consider both of these options and decide which one makes more sense for your health and appearance.

Why replace a missing tooth

Of course, there is another route a person could take if they are missing a tooth. The individual could do nothing and leave the gap there. However, there are both cosmetic and health reasons to take care of this issue. A dental restoration would help eliminate any embarrassment the person may feel about losing a tooth.

Also, when one tooth falls out, adjacent teeth can drift and become loose, leading to further loss. Bone loss can also occur, which can change the shape of the person’s face. This can also cause speech problems. It is also more difficult to chew effectively when teeth are missing.

Implants and the process

Dental implants involve multiple visits to the dentist’s office and at least two surgeries. The dentist first takes X-rays and makes impressions of the mouth. Then, at another appointment, the dentist makes an incision in the gums and places a titanium post into the jawbone. After the mouth heals and the post and bone fuse, the patient comes back into the office. At this next visit, the dentist attaches a smaller piece, called an abutment to the post. The next phase of the process then takes place, where the dentist places a natural-looking crown on the abutment.

A bridge and the process

A dental bridge is a type of dental restoration that bridges the gap between remaining teeth. It is a viable treatment for a single missing tooth. After doing preparation work of taking X-rays and making impressions, the dentist numbs the patient. The dentist places crowns over the teeth on either side of the gap. An artificial tooth, called a pontic, fills in the space. The crowns support the pontic.

The benefits and challenges

When it comes to a dental restoration, an implant makes a lot of sense for one missing tooth. Implants are durable and long-lasting. They provide a strong bite force and blend in nicely with the remaining teeth. The process can be long and cause some soreness. Implants require a significant financial commitment.

Bridges do not last as long. Also, the dentist must alter the size of healthy, natural teeth by putting in crowns. However, it does not take as long to complete the process. Plus, a patient does not need bone growth to be as strong to get a bridge.

The right approaches to a dental restoration

You do not have to live with a missing tooth any longer. There are effective ways to replace it and restore your health and appearance. Make an appointment with your dentist. You can both discuss whether you are a good candidate for either of these treatments.

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