Smile Makeover Solutions With Dental Crowns

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A smile makeover is ideal for improving the confidence that you have in your smile, and one common treatment method that your dentist may recommend is dental crowns treatment. This review discusses the various ways that dental crowns can improve your smile during your smile makeover.

Reasons to consider dental crowns during a smile makeover

Dental crowns can address teeth chips and cracks, improve the shade of teeth, restore the size and shape of teeth, and help prevent teeth loss. The ultimate goal is to protect vulnerable teeth from further harm and restore the natural appearance of teeth to give patients more confidence in their smile. 

Address teeth chips and cracks

Teeth chips and cracks can occur for a variety of reasons, from teeth grinding to a blow to the mouth. A crack not only can cause an aesthetic concern, but it can also increase the risk of early tooth loss. Chipped and cracked teeth can worsen over time, leading to the need for root canal therapy to try to save the tooth. Dental crowns during a smile makeover completely cover chipped and cracked teeth to restore the health and appearance of the patient's smile. 

Improve the shade of stained teeth

Dental crowns are not typically the recommended way to deal with severe teeth stains, but they can offer the added benefit of improved teeth shade when used. Of course, mild to moderate stains can be treated with professional teeth whitening. Dental veneers may also be an option for severe stains. Dental crowns are often recommended for stained teeth that need additional protection.

Restore the shape and size of teeth

One of the most common concerns addressed during a smile makeover is bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). Bruxism can wear down teeth and make them look short and damaged. Dental crowns can restore the shape and size of worn-down or damaged teeth to provide them with a more natural appearance, in addition to restoring the health and function of the worn-down teeth. 

Help prevent the loss of damaged teeth

If damaged or worn-down teeth go untreated for too long, then they are at an increased risk of becoming infected and falling out prematurely. Dental crowns help prevent early teeth loss. The dentist can also perform root canal therapy if necessary to save damaged teeth from they worsen and need to be replaced. 

Improve level of daily confidence

Ultimately, dental crowns as a part of a smile makeover can help restore the patient’s ability to function in an ideal manner, in addition to the cosmetic benefits that they can provide. This helps the patient feel more confident daily and be more willing to do the things that they love without feeling insecure. 

Schedule a dental consultation 

You can schedule a consultation with our dental team today to discuss dental crown treatment for your smile makeover. We can guide you through the smile makeover and dental crowns processes to ensure that you achieve the results that you desire, including restoring your appearance and oral health.

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