What Is a Dental Implant Overdenture?

Dental Implant Brevard, NC

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular within dentistry and for good reason! They offer patients the ability to restore, renew and even replace their teeth. When also paired with dentures, implants can offer even more success! 

Overdentures are a certain type of denture that work when attached to dental implants. In this article, we go over what a dental implant overdenture is, how it works and why to choose it as your tooth replacement option. If you are considering replacing your missing teeth, then this information will be helpful to you.

Dental implant overdentures

Below, we outline everything you need to know about this type of dental implant prosthesis. Read on!

What is it?

A dental implant overdenture is simply when dental implants are placed to support a denture. They are used only when a patient is missing many or all of their teeth. Instead of having traditional full or partial dentures, the patient can have their dentures secured in place by dental implant postings.

There are typically two types of overdentures available to patients in need of tooth replacement via implants. Bar-retained implant-supported dentures are the first type, and they use a metal bar. The metal bar attaches to the implants and dentures, which are also removable. The second type of overdenture is secured with small screws into the implants, and the denture piece is not removable.

Dental implants are made of titanium, while the denture portion (whether fixed or bar-retained) is made of nylon and plastic. 

How do overdentures work?

Overdentures combine two different dental prostheses to create a hybrid tooth replacement option. Whether choosing bar-retained or fixed, dental implants are placed beneath the gums and within the jawbone during a surgical procedure.

After a few months of healing and natural fusing, the custom-created dentures will be carefully attached to the implants. Once placed, the implant overdenture combination will create a successful tooth replacement for missing teeth.

Why choose overdentures?

Dental implant overdentures are secured in place by the implants, which is quite different than traditional dentures. These allow people to chew normally and smile confidently, without the hassle of the dentures becoming loose.

Dental implant overdentures also ensure that bone atrophy is prevented. Because the titanium implants are embedded beneath the gums, they are able to help the jawbone maintain growth and structure. This is not achievable with traditional dentures because they are not held into place by dental implants. 

Get started today!

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