CEREC – Dental Crowns in a One Visit

Cerec Brevard, NC

For tooth restoration, CEREC® is a good option. Your dentist may have recommended getting a crown to repair your tooth and restore your smile. Traditionally, it takes a few weeks to place crowns over a tooth. But same-day crowns are also available, saving your time and fixing your tooth quickly. Understand the benefits of this type of crown so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

The purpose of a crown and when a person may need one

Dentists have used crowns for many years to treat a variety of cosmetic and oral health conditions. A crown is a small cap that fits over a tooth. It restores its form and function. Crowns look like real teeth in size and shape. The dentist can also choose a tooth-colored material such as ceramic or porcelain to blend in with the surrounding natural teeth.

Crowns commonly treat chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. A crown can protect a tooth from further damage and stabilize it. The dentist may use one to anchor a bridge or to cap a tooth after a root canal. Because the dentist can make a crown any desired color shade, it can be a good alternative to teeth whitening.

Consultation with the dentist

Before starting the CEREC process, the dentist will want to make sure it is the right treatment. The dentist will briefly examine the patient to determine the person’s condition and the most effective approach. If the dentist believes a crown makes sense, there will be a discussion about how the procedure works. The patient can ask questions and address concerns while the dentist explains what the person should expect.

Preparing the tooth for CEREC

At a subsequent appointment (or sometimes even at the same appointment as the consultation), the dentist will make a 3D model of the patient’s teeth and jaws. This information goes to a computer system. From here, the program will send the model to a milling unit which will make the crown out of a ceramic block. The dentist will then clean the tooth and numb the area. The dentist reshapes the tooth so that the crown can go over it.

Placing the crown

Once the ceramic crown is ready, the dentist will place rubber dams around the tooth to keep it dry. The dentist places the crown over the tooth, checking it for a comfortable, proper fit. Any adjustments can be made to the crown at this time. Next, the dentist will bond the CEREC to the tooth with dental cement. Light cures the cement, so it will harden quickly. In a week or so, the dentist will follow up with the patient to make sure the crown looks good and is working effectively.

Get a new smile faster with the same success

Crowns can be a viable option to repair teeth and restore other aesthetic qualities. If your dentist recommends that you have one, ask about CEREC. If the office does these same-day crowns, find out if you are a good candidate. You could have a full smile again in no time.

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