Adjusting to New Dentures: Proper Care for New Dentures

Adjusting to New Dentures: Proper Care for New Dentures from Carolina Smiles Family Dental in Brevard, NCDentures can replace multiple missing teeth, restoring your confidence and ease of eating. Now that you have your smile back, the next step is adjusting to new dentures. How do you take care of your new smile.

Denture care tips

While dentures are not real teeth, you must care for them as attentively as real teeth. That way, they last as long as possible and you protect your oral health and your investment.


Just like with real teeth, food and plaque cling to dentures and may cause gum disease. These dental restorations require regular cleanings with water, a soft-bristled brush, and a denture cleaning solution. Clean your dentures twice a day, but do not use toothpaste, as many brands have ingredients that may damage removable teeth. Instead, use a soft-bristled toothbrush made specifically for dentures.

After brushing your restoration, use regular toothpaste to brush your gums and tongue. Even if you have no natural teeth, you still have gums to protect and breath to keep fresh. Remember to brush and floss any remaining natural teeth while adjusting to new dentures. Follow up brushing and flossing with a mouthwash rinse. Use mouthwash made specifically for dentures or regular mouthwash after removing the appliance.


After eating, remove and rinse your dentures in warm water to get rid of food and other debris. In case you drop your removable teeth in the sink or on the bathroom counter while cleaning them, lay down a towel to cushion the fall. Another tip to avoid breaking your dentures is to handle them gently. Be careful that you do not damage or bend the clasps or plastic as you clean them.


Most dentures must be kept moist to help them maintain their shape. Soak them overnight in a mild denture solution or water. Talk to your dentist about storing your replacement teeth properly. Also, consult the manufacturer's instructions to learn which soaking solution to use.


Work with your dentist to create a dental checkup schedule. Regular visits help ensure your dentures fit properly and comfortably and do not slip. Another reason to keep up with dental checkups is so you know you have a healthy mouth.

If your dentures ever become loose, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. When these appliances fit improperly, they may trigger infections, discomfort, and sores.

Avoiding damage

Just as you want to avoid sugary drinks and sticky foods with natural teeth, the same principle applies while adjusting to new dentures. Do not use hot water to clean your dentures, as it may warp them. Double-check the ingredients of the products you soak your dentures in. Oral products that contain bleach could change the color of your dentures and erode them or could break down or tarnish metal attachments.

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Keep the above tips in mind as you enjoy your new smile. Take proper care of your dentures and they are sure to take care of you.

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