What Aesthetic Dentistry Can Do for You

Aesthetic DentistryAs a provider of aesthetic dentistry, we know how important a healthy smile is to one's life-long health. Many people do not consider their teeth when they think of their overall health and staying in good shape as they age. It is easier to notice changes in one's stamina, weight, or even blood pressure than to notice whether or not the tooth enamel is eroding. One cannot always accurately see the health of his or her teeth. With that in mind, the only sign that something may be wrong is if your teeth begin to yellow or you experience sensitivity in the teeth. It is important for us to examine your teeth and gums on a regular basis so that we can clean your teeth and ensure that they remain healthy as you age.

Preventative cleaning

This type of preventative care is something that most dentists give all their attention. What makes us different is that we focus on both the patient's oral health and the appearance of his or her teeth. During these appointments, we can discuss anything that patient wants to change about his or her smile and create a plan for addressing the issue.

Our philosophy of care, as an aesthetic dentistry office in Brevard, is to focus on both the form and function of the teeth. Any solution we suggest needs to make the patient's teeth look better while ensuring that they are entirely functional. We also focus on ensuring that the patient retains as much of the natural tooth as possible. While some cosmetic dentistry procedures can remove a large portion of the natural tooth, we prefer to leave the tooth intact as much as possible to benefit one's long-term health. A perfect example of an ideal solution is dental veneers. A veneer is a thin shell of either ceramic or porcelain that we place on top of the natural tooth. While we need to remove some enamel from the surface of the tooth, most of the tooth remains intact. By placing veneers, we can restore a tooth that has been cracked or chipped, cover dark stains, close gaps between teeth, and change the shape or size of teeth.

Replacing missing teeth

As a provider of aesthetic dentistry, we can also replace any teeth that are missing. There are several important things to note when it comes to tooth loss. When an individual loses a tooth, it hinders one's ability to eat and speak clearly in addition to altering appearance. More importantly, the tooth and root are critical for stimulating the jawbone to prevent resorption.

If one loses a tooth, we can replace it with a dental implant so that the jawbone receives the stimulation it needs. We can also ensure the patient has a full smile while having full functionality to eat and speak as an individual normally does. This is an aesthetic dentistry solution that improves one's appearance and health at the same time. To learn more about how we can help you, call (828) 974-3326 and schedule a dental examination.

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