Ask Your Dentist About Different Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Brevard, NC

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the various options for replacing missing teeth. There are both permanent and removable solutions across a wide range of prices. Some require surgery, while others are a very simple procedure. It’s important to learn about the different options and discuss them with your dentist before more problems develop.

Why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Teeth aren’t just for smiling and chewing. A healthy set of teeth is important for overall good health. When one or more teeth are missing, it can cause a chain reaction of negative health consequences that become worse over time.

Difficulty eating

Our teeth work together as a team to help us chew our food. When one goes missing, the rest of the teeth step up to make up for it. This can cause a variety of health problems if it goes on long enough.

As you favor one side of your mouth or the other, you put extra stress on your jaw that it’s not used to. Over time, this extra stress can lead to overuse injuries that make eating more difficult and can result in permanent damage.

Teeth may also slowly move around to fill in the space of the missing teeth. The change in position could result in your teeth grinding together as you eat. Grinding isn’t just uncomfortable, but it also damages your teeth!

Bone loss

Your teeth are connected to your jawbone by the root. This connection both stimulates and supports a healthy jaw. When a tooth goes missing, that connection is no longer there, and a vacant hole takes its place. The lack of stimulation can result in bone loss that gets worse over time. Surrounding teeth and gums can also be seriously affected.


Smiles are a huge part of how we communicate. Missing teeth can take away the joy of meeting a friend or neighbor. They can also cause us to be overly conscious of how we eat or speak around people. There are a ton of options for replacing missing teeth that can bring back your self-confidence!

Options available

There are available options for replacing missing teeth that fit all kinds of needs and budgets.

Partial dentures are a removable fixture that are relatively affordable and easy to acquire. They don’t require any invasive procedures and can easily be customized to fit better over time.

Fixed bridges are a fantastic option for filling in gaps between existing teeth. The bridge attaches permanently to your existing teeth. The false teeth in a fixed bridge blend in naturally with your other teeth for a smile that promotes good health.

Dental implants are the most realistic options available. They are surgically fused to your jawbone where the missing tooth was attached. This attachment stimulates the jaw and prevents dangerous bone loss.

Talk to your dentist about your options

There are enough options for replacing missing teeth to fit almost any situation or budget. Talk to your dentist to find out which option is the perfect one for you!

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