Popular Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Brevard, NC

It is important to replace missing teeth as early as possible. Delaying tooth replacement procedures can cause dental issues such as misaligned teeth and loss of bone tissue. Fortunately, there are popular options available for patients who want to replace their lost teeth. Any of these options are preferred because patients can regain the appearance and function of their smile and live normal lives.

Popular tooth replacement options

The following are some of the options available from a dentist for replacing missing teeth:

Partial dentures

People who have lost some of their front teeth can opt for partial dentures to replace them. These dentures are worn throughout the day and taken out at night before bedtime. The partial dentures usually have metal clasps to hold them in position inside the mouth. Although the dentures can be cosmetically appealing, the metal clasps can be visible when speaking or smiling, and that is one of the major drawbacks of this option. Also, some patients may not be comfortable with taking the dentures out and cleaning them every night with denture cleaner before soaking them.

Complete dentures

This option is very popular among people who have lost most or all the teeth in their jaw. The dentures are an economical option for those who need to replace their teeth. The denture is made up of two components the set of artificial teeth and an acrylic base that holds the teeth and keeps them steady in the patient’s mouth.

The drawback of using full dentures is that they are sometimes unstable inside the mouth and may move when chewing or biting. Also, patients will need to visit the dentist for regular adjustments, as the use of dentures may contribute to further gum and bone tissue loss that occurs with missing teeth.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is another dental prosthesis that dentists commonly provide to cover gaps in the teeth. The bridge is typically a permanent option that stays in place once fitted by the dentist. The teeth close to the gap are usually used as the anchors for the dental bridge. These teeth are termed abutment teeth and are covered with crowns for protection and better support.

The major drawback to choosing bridges for tooth replacement is that they also do not stop bone loss. Also, dental bridges are harder to clean and the process usually requires altering the structure of the abutment teeth. Dental bridges are most suited for people who have lost a set of teeth next to each other.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an effective and innovative way to replace missing teeth. This solution restores the look, function, and appearance of the patient’s smile. The implant replaces the natural teeth roots, thus restoring stimulation to the jaw to prevent bone loss. Dental implant restorations allow patients to speak, eat, and clean their oral cavity like before. With proper care, implants can last for several decades.

In conclusion

If you have missing teeth and want to know about the popular tooth replacement options available, schedule an appointment with the dentist today. They can guide you through the process of restoring the smile.

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